Welcome to “Our Father’s Farm Puppies” 

We are striving to raise happy and healthy puppies to have available for others.
At Our Father’s Farm, all of our dogs are pets and workers. They are not caged all the time but run free on our beautiful 100+acre farm. All of our dogs are well trained in basic obedience. The adult dogs and the puppies are all well-socialized with people and other animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, cows and more. The puppies are handled often by our family of 11:)
We seek to raise our puppies with superior and natural methods from feeding to training to socializing.

We raise our dogs because we love and need them and want to share them with others. Dogs raised in a loving environment, well socialized with all ages of people and animals are rare today. Another wonderful thing is that our puppies stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks of nursing. We let the moms naturally wean their babies and then transition the little pups to raw milk, meat, eggs and other of our beyond organic fresh farm foods.

Our local vet does our new puppy checks and says that they are some of the healthiest puppies she’s ever seen”… she also is the vet to some of the dogs who are now part of other families in the area: “quote about the adult dog’s health” it is well known that the diet and upbringing any creature experiences from birth through childhood makes a lifetime difference in the health and immune system of the adult! We believe this very strongly and at Our Father’s Farm, we seek to mimic the way things were divinely designed to function. We have been doing what we do for almost 12 years now and have seen the fruit of hard labor again and again as we observe and enjoy superior health in the animals on the farm.

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  1. Hello I live in va and my 3 year old lab recently passed away. I miss her dearly and am in search of another dark chocolate female. Please email me prices and when you will have on available.


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