chocolate labrador / Austrailian Shepherd DOGS



Daisy just had a litter of adorable little Sheprador puppies! They are a hybrid breed of Pure Bred Labrador Retriever pick of the litter mother and a Pure Bred Australian Shepard pick of the litter father.

There are 9 puppies:  4 Girls and 5 Boys

7 Are brown and look a lot like their mother (the lab)

and 2 are Black. All of the puppies have a little white either on their feet or chest. Six of them have short tails, 3 of them have the lab tail. It is hard to tell exactly what they will look like now but within the next few weeks we hope to have a better idea.


Australian Shepard’s are very active similar to labs, they have a wonderful guarding instinct.  They have beautiful coats, their hair is longer than labs and they tend to have more color, such as brown, white, black or gold spots. They have a sweet temperament and are very similar to the labs.



If you are interested in getting a Sheprador Puppy:

The puppies are $575

And a $100 deposit will secure your puppy.

These puppies will have their first round of shots and wormed. They are well socialized with people and other animals and we feed them Fresh Raw Milk and meat, they also get some healthy dry dog food.

Click here to get on the waiting list!

Click here to read the 6 most commonly asked questions.


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