Great Pyrenees Puppies September 2015

Bella had puppies!

Born: September 13th 2015

We have 7 puppies; 4 Males and 3 Females.

They will be ready for pick up around November 7th 2015.

The price for these puppies is $300. Please send a $50 deposit to secure your pup!


Click here to read about how we raise our puppies and more!

The Parents of these puppies:


The father: Bear is a huge, beautiful, sweet and protective dog! He has a sweet temper but is very good at protecting!


The mother: Bella has a very sweet laid back temperament and does a great job with our animals and family!

About Great Pyrenees:

A great Pyrenees puppy from Our Father’s Farm will help you in many ways! We had major trouble with predators attacking our flocks of chickens, but when we got our Great Pyrenees dog everything changed! They are loyal to the herd and the family and offer superior protection. They love the work too! Our Pyrenees puppies are placed out with the flock of chickens with their mom at an early age. They bond to whatever animal or people they grow up with during their first year of life. It’s ingrained in their nature to protect their flock or herd, this early conditioning makes them the perfect livestock guardian dog for any animal or family! They earn their keep!

Do you have questions or are you interested in getting a puppy? Email us !


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