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Puppies Available! 9 Week Old Puppy Photos.

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We still have four beautiful, healthy, and happy puppies available.

Born: April 5th 2017

Price: Black $700

Price: Chocolate $885

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SOLD! Puppy #1 Chocolate Male This puppy has a more calm and gentle demeanor, he shows the strong and beautiful traits of an English lab and would be a perfect hunter or companion! He loves children.

Puppy #2 Black Female (Available) This puppy has a perfect mixture of calm and energy. She is so sweet and loving and does wonderfully with all ages!

Puppy #9 Chocolate Male (Available) This puppy fulfills the roll of a classic lab! He loves to run, swim, and play tug a war. His adorable face matches his demeanor!

Puppy #12 Black Female SOLD This puppies energy is abounding. She runs, loves to play catch, tug a war, and wrestle. Her demeanor is happy, energetic, and sweet! She shows the hunting dog spirit and would be a wonderful companion to young and old!

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