Our Rosie is our light chocolate female, she is just the sweetest lab I have ever met. Her energy is continual and she loves fetching and swimming! She has the AKC and CKC registration. We purchased her from Ceder creek retrievers, she has hunting and retrieving dogs in her line!  She definitely loves retrieving. She has a beautiful coat and an athletic build. She leans on the side of American labs.

Name: Dixie Rose of Our Father’s Farm

Birthdate: September, 13th, 2014

Personality: A wonderful loving personality she is always trying to please and is very expressive.

Official Owner: Samuel Fuhrmann

Place of Birth: Ceder Creek Retrievers

Pictures of Rosie 2017:

Pictures below are of Rosie at 28 months.image1


These pictures are from when she was 12 weeks old:





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