Lab puppies info

When you sign up to get on our waiting list and send us your deposit your puppy is secure. If you do this after they are born we can send you pictures of each of the puppies or you can come visit the farm and choose yours.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our puppies and how we raise them:

What do they eat?

When they are old enough to start eating and drinking other than there mothers milk we feed them RAW cows milk, chicken and beef.  Also if necessary they are fed a dry food from Flint River Ranch.

Where do they live?

They live in a large pen with a large dog shed connected to it, we let them out to play with us either a few at a time or all at once at least daily.  As they grow older they spend time with the animals.

How long are they with their mother?

They live with their mother the full 8 weeks (some choose to get their pups at 6 weeks). She usually will naturally wean them,and they drink less and less from her as they get old and are usually fully weened between 7 and 8 weeks.

Do they see the vet?

Yes, they go to the vet for their Puppy wellness check up.  They are also given their first round of Shots and wormed .

How are they socialized?

The puppies live with each other and often socialize and play with the children and our other animals on the farm such as, cats, cows, chickens other dogs and more! Also our family of 9 children from ages 19-2  are often with them playing!

Will I have trouble with the puppy being lonely when we get it?

It is common for all puppies to be a little lonely at first. They may whine when they are alone at night but this will soon change as they get used to you and your schedule.

More Information:

All the puppies will either have CKC or ACK registration depending on the mother. The puppies will have nice even temperament’s and there parents have beautiful glossy coats. Expect these puppies to reach mature size around the 60-75 lb. range.

Come visit the puppies by appointment just call or email us!

We are happy to answer questions!


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